Harmer Lab

Lab Jobs

Effective April 15, 2019


  • dishwashing (run dishwasher when full, put away clean dishes both from dishwasher and drying racks)
  • maintain lab stocks of antibiotics
  • lab glove recycling


  • autoclave pipet tips
  • maintain supply of autoclaved MilliQ water in lab cabinet
  • develop and maintain lab seed database
  • maintain lab plasmid database
  • send out lab stocks upon request


  • order reagents/record orders in database
  • put away ordered goods/check them off as received
  • maintain lab stocks of PCR reagents (nucleotides, buffer, Jungle Juice)
  • maintain lab stocks of luciferin
  • equipment maintenance – work with electronics shop or manufacturer, as needed
  • wash beads used for tissue disruption


  • make lab stocks of competent cells (ex: DH5a, BL21)
  • printer maintenance – recycle used cartridges, keep spare cartridge on hand
  • monitor water baths and keep them topped up
  • monitor pH meter and electrode
  • make lab Taq stocks
  • autoclave wooden skewers used for plant growth in CEF


  • lab safety:
    • lab safety training
    • biological use authorization
    • chemical & hazardous waste disposal
    • sharps disposal
    • monthly check of eye wash and fire extinguisher
  • autoclave biohazard trash
  • develop Google doc primer database
  • keep system software and computer virus protection up-to-date

Everyone’s responsibilities:

Rinse glassware and place in dishwashing tray immediately after use (taking special care to rinse glassware containing agarose well). If you use things that don’t get washed in the dishwasher (mortar and pestle, centrifuge bottles, gel plates and trays, graduated cylinders, etc.), wash them yourself immediately after use!

Please pick up after yourself and keep the lab tidy!